We’d totally share a bottle of wine with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. And then, hopefully, have a threeway. Who wouldn't?

But since we’re not likely to have either of those experiences any time soon, here’s the next best thing ― the beautiful and classy couple is releasing their very first wine next month, which means you can drink a glass or two... until whoever you're with looks like Brad and Angelina.

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The wine is a rose called Miraval, which is a joint venture with Famille Perrin from their vineyard Chateau Miraval (which they leased back in 2008). White and red wines will follow this summer and next year.

We always found Brangelina rather intoxicating, so it only makes sense that we can now literally get drunk off of them. Hopefully this wine is more affordable than Brad's line of furniture!

Would you try a wine from Brad and Angelina?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet