We knew that Kim Kardashian was a clotheshorse, but we didn't realize just how massive her fashion collection was!

Kim K's closet is less of a closet and more of a studio apartment in terms of size. And of course, she's not shopping at Forever 21. Some of the items she has in there include a Louis Vuitton bag from every collection and a pair of sneakers that cost a whopping $90,000!

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But while Kim K is known for her sense of style, she credits boyfriend Kanye West with teaching her a few things as well. "He has better style than me," said Kim while speaking to Eye on Glam. "He's introduced me to great stylists and I've been working with them ever since."

The biggest shock of Kim's closet was that there was actually two of them -- one for her clothes and one for bags and shoes! First world problems...

What do you think of Kim's closet?

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