The Academy Awards have a new renaissance man.

George Clooney may not be up for a Best Actor award this year (since he wasn’t in any 2012 movies), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t stand to win a major award. A really major award ― Best Picture.

He produced Argo along with Ben Affleck and longtime collaborator Grant Heslov, and even if he doesn’t win, this nod gives him the distinction of being nominated in the most different categories of anyone ― six!

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George has now been nominated for eight Oscars total, and while most nominees tend to be nominated in one or two categories in their careers, George’s diverse talents have spread the wealth in a bunch of different ones.

He was first nominated for the Best Original Screenplay and Best Director for his 2005 film Good Night, And Good Luck. That same year, he won his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Syriana. That’s three boxes checked.

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He was then nominated for Best Actor in 2007’s Michael Clayton (and two more times). He shared a Best Adapted Screenplay credit for 2011 The Ides of March, giving him his fifth different category.

And finally, Argo’s Best Picture nomination gives him a sixth. That puts him ahead of Warren Beatty, the previous champ who was nominated in five different major Oscar categories. The only person George is currently tied with at six is Walt Disney, but as Deadline points out, as studio head he wouldn't be eligible for many of those by today's standards. Many of Walt's awards were also for short films, not the major categories.

George better start learning sound effects editing or designing costumes if he wants to be nominated in a new category, because he’s pretty much achieved all the ones he’s currently eligible for!

Do you think George deserves all the Oscar love?

Main Image Courtesy of Fameflynet