Are you sick and tired of all these “Harlem Shake” videos yet? Let's hope not, because we’ve got two more coming at you!

Cody Simpson and Cimorelli put their own twist on the dance phenomenon -– one in a tour bus and another in a kitchen. But here’s the big question of the day: which do you think is better?

First up, Cody. The Australian singer may be busy touring Europe at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to get in on this viral action. Decked out in a black and white tracksuit with shades, Cody brings in his buddies for one incredible “Harlem Shake” rendition.

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Meanwhile, our favorite sisters, Cimorelli, are hard at work creating new music for us, but took a little time off to break it down in their kitchen. The girls got a little help from their brothers and friends and weren’t shy when it came to their outfit and prop choices!

Okay, folks, time to cast your votes!

Which “Harlem Shake” video is your favorite: Cody's or Cimorelli’s?