It's standard practice for newlywed couples to have lots of sex, but that may not be the case for Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris.

The 86-year-old Hef married 26-year-old Crystal last New Year's Eve, which begged two serious questions: is Crystal genuinely attracted by someone who could be her grandfather? And, well, can the Playboy tycoon still even do it? (If you're eating breakfast now, it may be time to push it to the side.)

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According to Crystal, the answer seems to be a resounding "no" on both fronts. "He's had… the phase of his life — the phases of all the girlfriends and all that kind of stuff — I feel now is more, you know, like cuddling up and watching a movie or playing backgammon," said Crystal. "We play Uno with the girls... Dominos."

However, the pair did have sex at one point. They were engaged once before, but Crystal broke things off just days before their wedding June 2011 and then labeled him a "two-second man" to the press."When I first left, I did some interviews I shouldn't have done. I was mad. It was a breakup, and I shouldn't have done some of the things," she said.

Luckily for Crystal, we're willing to bet that Hef has access to any "alone time" toy that she could possibly want.

What do you think of this sexless marriage?

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