Swoon-alert! Joseph Gordon-Levitt paid a visit to Sesame Street to teach all of us about the word “reinforce.” If you thought JGL was already dreamboat-worthy, wait until you see him interact with Murray on a children’s TV show.

To show all of us the meaning of the word “reinforce” –- to make something stronger, as he explains -– he lets Murray take a mallet to his red watch. The only problem? The watch is especially meaningful to him so, of course, he needs to make sure there’s extra reinforcement by wrapping it in bubble wrap, placing it in a box and then placing it into a padded envelope.

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The entire segment is just too adorable for words. The best part, though, is when Joe shared the video on his Facebook, he called his guest appearance a “dream come true.” Yes, the guy who has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and been a part of some the biggest box office hits lived his Sesame Street dream.

That’s it; we just can’t handle his amazingness anymore. Eat your heart out, Ryan Gosling.

What did you think about Joseph’s Sesame Street cameo?