Justin Bieber’s first round of Saturday Night Live promos didn’t exactly have us busting a gut in fits of laughter. Perhaps his second round, opposite Jason Sudeikis, will do the trick?

It might be a moot point anyway, though, because the winter storm hitting the East Coast this weekend could mean that the show doesn’t happen at all.

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As in the first round of promos, Justin seems pretty subdued here. Why so shy, Justin? You’re only one of the most popular people in the entire world! Perhaps he’s saving all his comedic energy for the actual show? (The last one is kind of cute, though.)

It may not matter whether he's any good anyway, though, if the winter storm dubbed “Nemo” ends up cancelling the live show altogether. As The Hollywood Reporter tells us, a whole slew of events are anxiously eyeing the blizzard to see how they'll be affected, including The Grammys (since many flights out of New York have been cancelled) and New York Fashion Week. Many permits have already been revoked, though SNL has not yet been affected. If the storm gets too bad, however, SNL could be forced to reschedule the show as well.

Do you think Justin can be a little more energetic come Saturday?