Justin Timberlake might be trying to give James Franco a run for his money as Hollywood’s leading Renaissance Man. Is Jessica Biel driving him nuts already? Is he just doing all this to get out of the house?

Regardless: after an abrupt return to music and the announcement of an accompanying documentary, JT is making sure he’s absolutely everywhere in 2013 ― including on our TV screens, promoting Bud Light Platinum. And he’s not just the face of the product ― Anheuser-Busch has named him their creative director of the brand!

This would seem slightly more random if Alicia Keys hadn’t just been named creative director of Blackberry. Justin’s new title might signal a whole wave of stars suddenly becoming “creative directors” of companies they’ve never stepped into before… which must kind of piss off the people who have been working their way up for the past 20 years. But whatever.

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Justin will provide “creative, musical and cultural curation” for Bud Light Platinum, a sweeter and more alcohol-packed version of the beer. Of course, this title just adds one more hyphen to the long list of business ventures Justin has embarked on over the years, from restaurants to clothing lines to interior decorating ― and, of course, Myspace.

So Bud Light Platinum sure sounds fancy, doesn't it? It should be consumed while wearing a “Suit & Tie,” presumably?

Do you think Justin has too much on his plate for 2013?
Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet