Like it or not, Kate Gosselin will be back on your television very soon.

The fame-seeking mother of eight will appear on an upcoming episode of ABC reality show Celebrity Wife Swap, where she will switch lives with reality star and former Hugh Hefner bunny Kendra Wilkinson. Kate will move in with her former NFL hubby Hank Baskett and their one child, while Kendra will be a single mom to all of Kate's children. Try and guess which one got the short end of the stick...

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It's unclear why Kate would subject herself to the harsh criticisms of reality television, especially when she feels that she's been a victim of adult bullying. (Apparently, this doesn't count the way she treated her ex-hubby on national TV.) She recently penned an essay on her bullying experience for, writing: "I teach my kids to reach out and help others when they fall instead of stomping on them and passing by. I also teach them to feel happiness for others' successes, not jealousy. If only everyone could see it that way?"

Let's see if she practices what she preaches on her upcoming reality show venture...

Will you be watching Kate on the show?

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