Step aside, Jersey Shorethere's a new crew in town (with more street smarts, and less fake tans).

The latest MTV reality show, Washington Heights, premiered last month and follows seven 20-something Dominican-Americans in the historic NYC neighborhood. And some major storylines are reaching a boiling point after just a few months, including the debate between cast members Frankie and Ludwin on whether to pursue a relationship.

Check out our exclusive clip from tonight's episode!

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Frankie is trying to take things slow with Ludwin, but wants a relationship with him and doesn't feel the effort is being reciprocated. She ultimately tells her fellow castmates that Ludwin needs to "keep it cute or keep it on mute."

Unlike the notorious Jersey Shore, the cast members of Washington Heights are more self-aware than most reality stars, while also showing a level of sensitivity and heart that makes them relatable to viewers. Fans of the slick production and perfectly framed camera shots of former MTV shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills will definitely want to tune in for this.

You can check out the latest Washington Heights episode tonight (and every Wednesday) on MTV at 10/9c!

Will you be watching tonight's episode?

Photos courtesy of MTV