We have a feeling this isn't exactly going to be like Beyonce's documentary.

Ke$ha is gearing up to premiere her upcoming MTV documentary Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, which her journalist brother has been filming since 2010. And while Bey's documentary will likely leave her looking as classy as usual, Ke$ha said she took a more no-holds barred approach by letting her bro film everything -- including drinking her own pee!

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Since Ke$ha wasn't stranded on a desert island or rushing for a fraternity, why exactly would she do this? "I was told drinking my own pee was good," she said while on BBC 1 Radio. "Somebody tried to take my pee away from me and I said, 'That is mine!' So I snatched it up and took a chug and it was really gross so I don't do it anymore." Why did she even have it in a cup or a bottle? Forget it. We don't even want to know...

It's entirely possible that this incident will be left on the cutting room floor. Then again, it's Ke$ha, so... probably not.

Do you hope this makes it into the documentary?

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