Lady Gaga is officially on the road to recovery.

After cancelling her tour last week due to a tear in her right hip, the singer successfully underwent surgery yesterday to repair it. She is expected to be on crutches for two to four weeks and can be back performing within three to six months.

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Gaga is currently in a wheelchair, which means that she had plenty of times to address her fans post-surgery via her Little Monsters website and thank them for their support. "Sometimes you are so brave that it terrifies me. I wonder how it's even possible," she wrote. "So I thought to myself, 'I'm alive, I'm living my dream, and this is just a bump in the road.' I'm grateful because this is temporary, and for some it is not... If you can do it, I can do it too, and if we stick together we can get through anything."

She is expected to release a new album sometime this year and a brand new tour is expected to coincide with that. Here's hoping for a full recovery!

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