Want to know something that hurts even more than Lady Gaga's injured hip? The wallets of Live Nation.

Since kicking off on January 17, her Born This Way Ball had grossed $168.2 million and moved 1.6 million tickets to 85 shows. But now that the final 22 shows of the North American leg have been cancelled, a whopping 200,000 tickets have been refunded.

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So what's the cost of refunding all those tickets? How about $25 million?! That doesn't include sending 130 cast and crew members home, as well as getting rid of mountains of staging and production gear, according to Billboard.

“The entertainment business (often) intersects with the realities of life, and the glamorous perception of what touring is like is replaced by the reality that it’s tough,” said Live Nation Global Touring chairman Arthur Fogel. “It’s tough for anybody, but [for] the more physical performer—and she certainly is one—it’s that much tougher. I feel terrible for her; it’s a difficult situation. But it’s just one of those things that can’t be controlled."

That said, Live Nation and Gaga are hardly headed to the poor house. The 2012 portion of her tour grossed $125 million and had over 1.1 million people attend. As far as the cancellation of the rest of the tour, most major tours are covered by various levels of insurance, including in areas such as shutting it down, advertising costs, and lost revenues for both the performer and promoter.

What do you think of Lady Gaga having to cancel her tour?

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