Lena Dunham became critically-lauded, award-hogging, very polarizing celebrity thanks to Girls, which in many ways was the anti-Gossip Girl and Sex & The City in the way it depicted the lives of young New York City females.

But for her next project, Lena will be taking a look at the lifestyle of the rich and glamorous, which is something she can relate to now that she's the toast of Hollywood.

The writer and actress is keeping busy, at work on her upcoming Random House book Not That Kind of Girl and featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. She won a DGA award over the weekend as Best TV Comedy Director, becoming the first woman to ever win this award. Way to go, Lena!

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Now we’re learning some details on her second foray into TV, an adaptation of All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go, a memoir by Betty Halbreich. It’s about her life as a personal shopper, and while it’s again set in New York City, and again executive produced by Judd Apatow, and again being developed for HBO, the focus on Manhattan socialites is a far cry from the down-and-out ladies of Girls. In fact, it sounds much more Devil Wears Prada than Tiny Furniture.

Our question is this: how can Lena possibly fit another show on her plate? Surely writing, directing, and starring in one award-winning series must be time-consuming enough!

"My point with getting naked is never proven," Lena told EW about her much-discussed frequent nudity on the show. "It’s not like, ‘Oh, I did it first season, and now you guys get that there’s a women of a certain size on TV, so I’m done.’ A guy came up to me while we were shooting and said, ‘My sister loves your tits.’ I was like, ‘Thank you so much!’"

Well, at least she isn't ungrateful.

Do you think Lena's new show sounds like a winner?

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet