Our favorite UK girl group Little Mix is back with a girl power-filled music video for “Change Your Life!” And yes, we’re completely in love with it.

Chelsea Briggs brings you the video in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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The video shows a much more down-to-earth side of the girls and we even get a closer look at their relationship with each other. And the “aw-factor” of the video? Little Mix embrace their mothers in their dressing room before heading out on stage. Seriously, it tugs at those heart-strings.

Little Mix is blowing up more and more each day and they even joked around about feeling like Justin Bieber these days. “We were hoping it might happen but realistically girl bands never really have that kind of following, you know, people banging on car windows.”

What do you think about Little Mix’s new video for “Change Your Life?”