Mariah Carey has been busy battling one wicked witch on the set of American Idol, and now she’s off to see the wizard.

The diva has been tapped to contribute new music to the Oz, The Great And Powerful soundtrack.

The James Franco-starring flick comes out exactly one month from today, and Mariah’s musical contribution is due to drop February 19. She also co-wrote the track, called “Almost Home.” (Home? Hmm. We hear there’s no place like it!) There are already three gorgeous divas playing various good and bad witches in the film, but apparently there was room for one more on the soundtrack.

A fitting choice, since Mariah has plenty of experience "Over The Rainbow"... or at least, wearing a rainbow over her. Which is practically the same thing.

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The music video will be directed by the legendary David LaChapelle, the man behind Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty,” Britney Spears’ “Everytime,” and Mariah’s own “Loverboy.” So even if Mariah’s “Triumphant” return recently was actually the very opposite of triumphant, there might be some reason to expect that this could be good.

Or if not, we'll just throw a bucket of water on her and see if she melts.

Do you think Mariah's a good choice for an Oz, The Great And Powerful track?

Image Courtesy of Fameflynet