Girl Meets World is reuniting the cast of ABC's '90s hit Boy Meets World... could That '70s Show be next?

While promoting her upcoming flick Oz The Great and Powerful, Mila Kunis said she would be more willing to dust off her bell-bottoms for a reunion of the Fox sitcom cast.

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"I'm more than game for it," said Mila to E! News. "Why not? I loved it. It was eight years and they were eight amazing years of my life."

Technically, Mila and boyfriend Ashton Kutcher have a That '70s Show reunion every night in their bed, and are currently the most high-profile stars to emerge from the show. Mila may not necessarily need the money, but other slightly less relevant cast members would surely jump at the opportunity. (We're looking at you, Lisa Robin Kelly.)

Would you want to see a That '70s Show reunion?

Photos courtesy of Fox