Miley Cyrus has made it clear that she isn’t the Disney tween she used to be (hello, have you seen that haircut?). In fact, sometimes it seems like she’s trying a little too hard to separate herself from her squeaky-clean country roots ― but don’t worry, Miley, we still love you for it.

The untameable starlet went all out in a recent music video with Lil Kim, of all people.

The video is for Tiffany Foxx, a little-known rap artist that Lil Kim is trying to make into a big deal. (A Miley cameo should help with that.) Ironically, Tiffany’s big platinum blonde ‘do reminds us most of Nicki Minaj, Kim’s arch-nemesis. Is Kim hoping Tiffany will steal some of Nicki’s spotlight?

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It seems Miley and Kim exchanged a lot of Twitter love recently, which led to a cameo for Miley in Tiffany’s “Twisted.” And yeah, next to Lil Kim and Tiffany, Miley's moves look... how should we say this... awfully Caucasian, but at least she's going for it! One might even say she's "just being Miley."

A Lil Kim rap vid is certainly not the first place we expected to see the “Party in the U.S.A.” singer, but at this point, we’re sufficiently intrigued to see what sound she’s crafting for her 2013 album.

Do you think Miley can pull off a hip hop video?