For once, Chris Brown is involved in a verbal battle with someone that he didn't start.

His latest opponent? N'Sync member Lance Bass. The openly gay Lance has taken offense to Breezy's repeated use of the other "F" word, most recently towards Frank Ocean, and declared that it's no less wrong than if he were to use the "N" word.

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“Calling people fa**ot and that stuff, I mean, he may not even mean what he means, but... being a black man himself, he should know that the F word is just like calling you the N word in a very derogatory way," said Lance to Celebuzz. “When you come from a minority like that, being gay or black or whatever, it’s like there should be an understanding, like we all get each other. But you don’t see that a lot, which is really sad.”

But Lance didn't stop there, implying that Chris had anger issues and needed professional help. Chris hasn't responded yet, but we're expecting that to happen in three... two... one...

Do you think Lance has a point?

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