It looks like Chris Brown was a Grammy loser in more ways than one.

Not only did he lose walk away from last Sunday's show with a grand total of zero awards, he also may have violated his probation by allegedly sharing a blunt with Rihanna at an afterparty and then driving away stoned.

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When the couple partied at Hollywood nightspot Supperclub, sources inside the venue reported that the whole place was filled with pot smoke. Photos from TMZ also show Chris lighting up what appears to be a joint.

Chris claims he has a medical marijuana card and might have been able to get a free pass on this, but he then got into a car with Rihanna and drove off at 3:20am. It goes without saying that driving while high would be a direct violation of his 2009 probation stemming from assaulting RiRi. He's already been accused of fudging the mandatory community service hours for his probation, so we have a feeling the judge in his case will be addressing the photos.

Do you think his alleged pot photos will come back to haunt him?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images