It’s over, guys. It’s all finally over.

Another epic awards season has come to a close, with Les Miserables, Argo, Lincoln, and Silver Linings Playbook taking home the awards we’ve all been expecting them to win for months now.

But what will entertain us now?

Well, next year’s Oscar bait movie won’t be rolling out until much later in 2013, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a handful of films to look forward to in the meantime… for various reasons. Sure, some of these spring releases will probably be total misfires, but in the next couple of months (before summer movie season kicks off in early May with the release of Iron Man 3) there are still a few releases to hold us over. Twelve of them, to be exact.

Here are the 12 movies we're hoping will hold us over this spring!


1. Admission

Likely To Make You: Laugh (we hope)

The Rundown: Things Tina Fey has starred in and written: Mean Girls, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live. Things Tina has starred in but not written: The Invention of Lying, Baby Mama, Date Night. Sense a pattern in quality here? Admission is, unfortunately, a part of the latter group, with Tina starring as an admissions officer for Princeton who finds herself wrapped up in some family drama.

Glass Half Full: It’s Tina, opposite Paul Rudd! Two of our favorite funny people in one comedy! Now that 30 Rock is off the air, we have to get our fix somewhere.

Glass Half Empty: As the Oscars proved with that awkward bit between Paul and Melissa McCarthy, two funny people does not necessarily mean golden comedy. See Date Night for proof of this. (But don’t really.)


2. Spring Breakers

Likely To Make You: Hot and bothered

The Rundown: You know the deal. Four lovely young ladies engage in some very R-rated shenanigans, featuring former Disney stars breaking out of their shells. Sex, drugs, gunplay... all the stuff they didn't sing about in High School Musical.

Glass Half Full: Looks like some seriously naughty fun. With that title, it’s pretty much the ultimate spring movie!

Glass Half Empty: Director Harmony Korine’s past work has been pretty polarizing and sometimes quite off-putting. (Trash Humpers, anyone?) It’s possible that Spring Breakers could go overboard and just be totally unpleasant.


3. Pain and Gain

Likely To Make You: Pumped up

The Rundown: Transformers master of destruction Michael Bay switches gears (kind of) for this action-crime-comedy about bodybuilders (Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson) who get in over their heads when they engage in illegal activities. So, kind of like Spring Breakers with a lot more testosterone.

Glass Half Full: This is Michael Bay’s idea of a quiet little indie. And we’re curious to see what that’s like. With all the focus on body-building, there’s maybe a little Magic Mike-esque interest for fans who like seeing buff guys shirtless… oh, and hey, Rebel Wilson!

Glass Half Empty: It’s been a minute since Michael Bay made anything worth watching.


4. Mud

Likely To Make You: Think and feel and stuff

The Rundown: In this Sundance 2013 movie, Matthew McConaughey plays a mysterious drifter who affects the lives of two young boys. And Reese Witherspoon.

Glass Half Full: It’s Reese’s return to real acting, plus Matthew is on a major hot streak (he just won an Independent Spirit Award). Writer/director Jeff Nichols’ last movie, Take Shelter, was fantastic, so expectations are high. And who doesn’t love a little Oscar bait in April?

Glass Half Empty: If it was really Oscar-worthy, wouldn't they hold it until fall?


5. The Call

Likely To Make You: Look in the rear-view a lot while driving home

The Rundown: Halle Berry plays a 911 operator who intercepts calls from young girls being terrorized by a serial killer. Little Miss Sunshine herself stars as the latest victim.

Glass Half Full: As thrillers go, this one doesn’t look half bad ― and we’re suckers for this kind of thing (when it’s done right). Plus it stars an Oscar winner and an Oscar nominee, which is more than we can say for most entries in this genre.

Glass Half Empty: A lot of times these suspensers end up just being dumb, and this trailer kind of gives us the feeling we’ve already seen the movie.


6. Oblivion

Likely To Make You: Glad you live in the present

The Rundown: Tom Cruise stars as a very Tom Cruise-like guy who does Tom Cruisey things on a distant planet. Then Morgan Freeman pops up and gets all Morgan Freemany.

Glass Half Full: Looks cool! And Tom Cruise vehicles tend to deliver more often than they don’t.

Glass Half Empty: Director Joseph Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy looked cool too… but the movie didn’t end up being all that great.


7. Scary Movie 5

Likely To Make You: Pray for everyone involved

The Rundown: Same as the first four. A hit-or-miss spoof that this time sends up found-footage horror, especially the Paranormal Activity franchise.

Glass Half Full: Let’s be honest, there’s almost no chance this will be very good ― especially based on this trailer ― but since do we not love a chuckle at a D-list celebrity's expense? But we are curious to see Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen terrorized in bed together. (Surprisingly, not by each other.)

Glass Half Empty: That cast list is… how shall we say?... not promising. And with LiLo and Charlie joined by Katt Williams and Mike Tyson, the insurance on this movie was probably bigger than the actual budget.


8. To The Wonder

Likely To Make You: Go “hmm…” or “huh?”

The Rundown: One of arthouse cinema’s most respected auteurs delivers the kind of movie only he could ― a beautifully-shot film that takes place almost entirely at sunset, has more voiceover than actual dialogue, and yet stars major Hollywood players like Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, and Javier Bardem.

Glass Half Full: It’s Terrence Malick, whose work is always thought-provoking and visually stunning.

Glass Half Empty: This is Malick’s idea of a rush job. He tends to take years or even decades between projects, but his last film was 2010’s Oscar-nominated Tree of Life. And this one has gotten mixed buzz, with some calling it too abstract and boring.


9. The Host

Likely To Make You: Twi-hard all over again

The Rundown: Is there life after Twilight? On the heels of Breaking Dawn Part 2’s bow, Stephenie Meyer unleashes another inter-species teen romance on the masses. But can this one possibly live up to Bella and Edward?

Glass Half Full: It stars Saoirse Ronan, already an Academy Award nominee for her work in Atonement ― and arguably a less polarizing actress than Kristen Stewart. It’s written and directed by Andrew Niccol, a respectable filmmaker who directed Gattaca and In Time and wrote The Truman Show. So maybe it’ll work for audiences beyond fans of the book.

Glass Half Empty: It could be just another Twilight… or (gulp!) worse.


10. Evil Dead

Likely To Make You: Nauseous

The Rundown: A half-remake/half-sequel of the 80s horror classic about some teens alone in the woods with an evil book… and the demons it unleashes.

Glass Half Full: The poster promises “The most terrifying film you will ever experience.”

Glass Half Empty: The poster promises “The most terrifying film you will ever experience.”


11. The Place Beyond The Pines

Likely To Make You: Gos out

The Rundown: After a Gosling-free 2012, our boy is back (and blond!) with Eva Mendes and Bradley Cooper in this tale about a daredevil dad who turns to a life of crime to support his daughter.

Glass Half Full: Advance buzz from festivals is very positive, and it reunites Ryan with his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance. Also: it stars Ryan Gosling.

Glass Half Empty: Well, it stars Ryan Gosling, so… not really seeing a downside here.


12. Jurassic Park 3D

Likely To Make You: Rrrrruuuunnn…

The Rundown: Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear… especially now. Clever girls and boys will be reunited with their favorite dinos as the monster hit stomps its way back into theaters in 3D. Hold onto your butts!

Glass Half Full: Two words: Jurassic. Park. We already know the movie is good.

Glass Half Empty: One word: 3D. This has the potential to be incredibly awesome… or, possibly, slightly underwhelming, since 3D updates don’t always do the original film any favors. Either way, our parents won’t stop us from seeing it this time!


Which spring release are you most looking forward to?