Uh-oh. Shia LaBeouf’s bid to be taken super-seriously as an actor has just hit a major snag. His intended Broadway debut in the play Orphans is no longer happening, because he’s bowed out due to “creative differences.”

With only a month to go before preview performances were set to begin, the news broke today that Shia was leaving this production high and dry, including would-be co-star Alec Baldwin. No details were given on the reason, according to the LA Times, except Shia apparently had a beef with someone involved in the play.

Shia has been pretty vocal about his disdain for the blockbusters that put him on the map, particularly the behemoth Transformers franchise that made him a household name. He’s still known for those movies and roles in audience-friendly movies like Disturbia and the latest Indiana Jones ― well, that and his full-frontal nudity in a Sigur Ros video.

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Shia is now determined to separate himself from those larger roles, with a movie at Sundance this year and Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac on the way (which, in case you can’t tell, is not about saving the Earth from giant robots).

But since doing live theater is an actor’s best bet at being deemed a legit thespian, Shia will have to find another way to shed those blockbuster shackles and earn his peers’ respect ― maybe by getting naked in another music video?

Do you think Shia behaved like a jerk bowing out so close to the play's opening?

Main Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet