If you're single, Valentine's Day can kinda suck. Think about it: Honey Boo Boo's mother has someone and you don't. Kinda harsh...

At least you can take heart in the fact that plenty of Hollywood starts are in the same boat. Whether they're newly single or perpetual bachelor/bachelorettes, check out our roundup of 14 single celebrities and how they're likely spending V-Day!

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1. Taylor Swift

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Single Since: January 2013, when she and 1D'er Harry Styles called it quits.

What She'll Probably Do: Head to the studio and write/cry about it. Obviously.

2. Justin Bieber

Single Since: Last month, after a few attempts at getting back together with Selena Gomez.

What He'll Probably Do: Try his hardest to win her back. He's reportedly been texting her non-stop, which even led to her complaining about it at the Grammys.

3. Tom Cruise

Single Since: July 2012, when he divorced Katie Holmes.

What He'll Probably Do: Have the Church of Scientology audition a Valentine's Day date for him. Whatever he does, we're sure it will be weird.

4. Katie Holmes

Single Since: July 2012, when she divorced Tom Cruise.

What She'll Probably Do: Enjoy the best damn Valentine's Day of her life up to this point. Freedom has never felt so good.

5. Charlie Sheen

Single Since: He's currently dating working porn star Georgia Jones, but we're not entirely how much of a "relationship" this actually is...

What He'll Probably Do: It's unclear how Charlie will spend Valentine's Day, but it will almost definitely involve plenty of porn stars, strippers and blow.

6. Bethenny Frankel

Single Since: Last month, after filing for divorce from husband Jason Hoppy.

What She'll Probably Do: Call up every celebrity news outlet to talk about how difficult it will be to spend Valentine's Day as a newly single woman. Inserting Skinnygirl cocktail references into said conversations every 30 seconds.

7. Selena Gomez

Single Since: Last month, after finally putting the kibosh on her on-and-off romance with Justin Bieber.

What She'll Probably Do: Try to figure out how people are going to remember her now that she isn't linked to Biebs.

8. James Franco

Single Since: Summer of 2011, when he split from actress Ahna O'Reilly.

What He'll Probably Do: Try to figure out why the hell he's still single! Seriously. How is James Franco of all people unattached?

9. Robert Pattinson

Single Since: It's unclear where he is in his on-and-off romance with Kristen Stewart, but the pair reportedly called it quits last month.

What He'll Probably Do: Enjoy one of the many ladies throwing themselves at him now that he's single.

10. Johnny Depp

Single Since: June 2012, when he split from Vanessa Paradis after four years together.

What He'll Probably Do: Get some love from his two children, 13-year-old Lily Rose and 10-year-old Jack.

11. Britney Spears

Single Since: Last month, when she was dumped by fiance Jason Trawick.

What She'll Probably Do: Counting her millions will probably make her feel a bit better.

12. Lindsay Lohan

Single Since: 2009, after splitting with DJ Samantha Ronson.

What She'll Probably Do: Call Wanted frontman Max George's phone every hour.

13. Max George

Single Since: July 2012, after splitting with actress Michelle Keegan.

What He'll Probably Do: Avoid said hourly phone calls from Lindsay Lohan.

14. Jennifer Lawrence

Single Since: Unclear. She has never been publicly linked with anyone.

What She'll Probably Do: Get her Oscar speeches ready. We're expecting Silver Linings Playbook to clean up in just a few weeks.

Which of these single celebrities can you identify with most?

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