They're called "stars"... so it's no wonder they're taking their inspiration from the cosmos on this year's Academy Awards red carpet.

While most celebrities tend to favor tried-and-true traditional glamour at the Oscars, tonight a few of them have opted for a spacier look, with eye-catching silver or gold and cuts that look like they're from the future.

Check out the Space Age-inspired dresses from this year's red carpet!

A couple stars wowed us with incredibly dramatic cuts to their dresses that were flashy, bold, and futuristic.

Halle Berry

Naomi Watts

A couple went for less dramatic cuts, but still had something shiny and flashy going on that seemed more appropriate for the 2113 Oscars than this year's.

Renee Zellweger

Shirley Bassey

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Nicole Kidman

Salma Hayek

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Which spacey star do you think had the best look?

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images