James Franco is one leading man who isn’t afraid to stir up rumors about his sexuality.

The 127 Hours star is comfortable enough with his heterosexuality to have brought the experimental film Interior. Leather Bar. to Sundance, which takes place exactly where you might expect with that title. He’s also recently made headlines for saying he’s “a natural” at deep-throating, which he demonstrates on a gun (not a person) in Spring Breakers.

And of course, he named his new art exhibit Gay Town, which features 500 of his pieces (many inspired by his film roles) in a Berlin art gallery.

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The exhibit includes paintings, drawings, and pieces of video art, referencing his roles in Milk, Oz The Great And Powerful, and even a Spider-Man homage that features the masked hero with the caption "F--- Spidey."

What do you think of James' exhibit? Cool, or a little too offbeat for your taste?