There are three things we have to look forward this Sunday -– the Super Bowl (duh), Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show (even more duh) and the commercials! We'll even go so far as to say some people are more stoked for the ads than the actual game.

Companies spend millions of dollars to get their product or business noticed once a year, so they go to great lengths to make these spots as memorable (and repeatable) as possible. Budweiser, Doritos and car companies are just few giants that have left a legacy with some of the greatest Super Bowl commercials ever.

But since it would take forever to list all the best ones, here are the 10 greatest ads to get your prepared for Super Bowl Sunday!


10. "Cheating Coke Guy" - Pepsi, 1996

Besides the Coca-Cola vender's flawless reaction to the spilled Pepsi cans, having Hank Williams "Your Cheating Heart" in the background is just perfect.


9. "The Showdown" - McDonalds, 1993

The ad has all the aspects of being a classic: Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, awesome early-90s attire and competition over a sandwich.


8. Ozzy & Bieber - Best Buy, 2011

Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne teamed up to poke fun at themselves for this Best Buy ad. Sorry, Biebs, but Ozzy definitely stole the show.

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7. "Imported From Detroit" - Chrysler, 2001

While people give D-Town a whole lot of flack for being run-down following the recession, back in slightly happier times, Chrysler teamed up with Detroit native Eminem to give one message: Don't mess with Detroit.


6. "Interview" - Tide, 2008

The thing about this ad is nobody can really give you an answer on why the talking (or yelling) stain is just so hilarious. It just is.


5. "Free Doritos" - Doritos, 2009

Such a simple, genius idea -- break up the vending machine for free chips! Why didn't we think of that?


4. "The Force" - Volkswagen, 2011

Come on, this one is just too cute. A little kid dressed as Darth Vader walking around trying to show off his force. Nostalgia anyone?


3. "Frogs" - Budweiser, 1995

Almost 20 years later and if you mention "Bud" "Weis" "Er" to someone, there's a pretty good chance they'll know what you're talking about.


2. "E*Trade Baby" - E*Trade, 2009

It wasn't just the fact that the baby was talking that was funny, but the burp up followed by "Whoa..." made this just a classic.


1. "Team Clydesdale" - Budweiser, 2008

With the message "Never give up," this one doesn't just have that awe-factor, but what other beer commerical is this inspirational?


Which Super Bowl commercial is your favorite?