Taylor Swift has something a lot bigger than her love life to worry about this week... and it might cost her almost $2 million!

The singer is reportedly being sued for keeping $2.5 million that she was paid upfront to perform at the Capital Throwdown in Ottawa over the summer, even after the show was cancelled, according to TMZ.

While T.Swifty was all set to headline the giant country music festival, it seems promoters weren't quite prepared to take on the crazy country music scene, and the event had to be cancelled, with $1.8 million in tickets being refunded.

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Because Taylor never actually performed, the ticket company believes she owes them the $1.8 million to pay for the refund, meaning she would still walk away with $700,000 from the fronted $2.5 million.

However, the gossip site reports that Taylor's rep claims the singer never made any negotiations with the ticket company and is unaware of the lawsuit, so she isn't handing over the money just yet.

Do you think Taylor should pay the bill?

Photos Courtesy of: Fame/Flynet