If Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t claim Best Actress at this year’s Academy Awards, she can take comfort that there’s one final prize she’s still eligible for ― Redfoo’s body?

Yep. The LMFAO member has contributed an unlikely awards season theme song, “I’ll Award You With My Body.”

So do you accept or decline this prize? Hear it below to decide!

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And the winner is... nobody.

The track is, of course, as shameless and tongue-in-cheek as any of LMFAO’s hits ― and about as compulsively danceable. “If you do that, girl, I’ll award you with my body,” goes the chorus, with the rest of the lyrics too embarrassing to mention. (“I got something big to put on your mantle,” for example. Subtle.)

Here’s one trophy Meryl Streep is probably begging she doesn’t win.

Redfoo’s new song: kinda fun, or kinda terrible?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet