Can you guess where The Haunting in Connecticut 2 takes place? Confusing hint: it’s not in Connecticut. That’s because the movie’s full title is The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, and it takes place in Georgia because it has no real connection to the first Haunting in Connecticut, anyway.

Originally titled (more sensibly) The Haunting in Georgia, the studio decided that wasn’t quite enough of a cash grab and decided upon a name that definitely takes the cake for one of the worst movie titles ever. But it’s far from the first sequel to offend us with its stupidity. From terrible puns to excessive punctuation to titles that just flat-out lie to us, here are the 20 worst sequel titles of all time.


1. Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

The granddaddy of all bad sequel titles. Of course, we have to give points for sheer audacity. It was 1984, after all, a time when tackiness was not necessarily a problem, and the movie is about breakdancing. Still, it sticks out as one of the more ridiculous movie titles… ever.

2. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

If you know who hit you with a car and left you for dead, then went on a rampage killing them all, you’re not likely to forget it. When have you ever heard anyone say that they “still know” something? Does the slicker-wearing serial killer need to tie a string around his hook to remind him to kill everybody? But besides just that stupidity, this sequel takes place two summers after that car accident, not “last summer,” making this title doubly lame.

3. I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

Wrong again, I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise. If you know something now, why wouldn’t you know it “always”? Is this just homicidal fisherman Ben Willis’ way of guaranteeing that he’ll never get Alzheimer’s? This direct-to-video sequel follows a different set of characters and takes place several years after the first movie, so really, wouldn't more accurately be called I Know What Someone Else Did Last Summer? Or I Know What Some People Did Several Summers Ago And Also What You Did On The Same Date Last Year? It's unfortunate that this title promises that he'll "always" know, because it's robbing us of the sequel in which the killer is in a nursing home: What Did You Do Last Summer Again? And Where Are My Glasses?

4. Rambo: First Blood Part II

Not that Rambo: Second Blood is any better, but come on. At this rate, we'd prefer Rambo II: Electric Boogaloo.

5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Oof. Like many sequel titles, that’s a mouthful. Also: it gives us no hint that there will now be freakin’ aliens in the Indiana Jones series! A more accurate title would be Indiana  Jones and the Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

6. Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Well, there’s something to be said for truth in advertising… this movie sure is dumber(er). Obviously, being dumb is kind of the point, but this goes above and beyond the call of dumb duty. It also loses points for dragging a perfectly good movie like When Harry Met Sally down with it.

7. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

No explanation necessary. Just... awful.

8. Any Fast & Furious movie

At least the Fast And The Furious franchise is consistently inconsistent. First there was 2 Fast 2 Furious, then The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, followed by Fast & Furious, then Fast Five. When your fourth movie has the same title as your first movie except it removes the “the”s, you know something has gone horribly awry in your sequel titling.

9. The Final Destination

The fourth Fast & Furious took the “the”s away; the fourth Final Destination one-ups it, stupid-wise, by merely adding a “the” to the original movie’s title. That’s the ludicrous!

10. Honey, I Blew Up The Kid and Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

Honey, I Blew Up The Kid sounds like a pretty disturbing horror movie, but does not refer to an actual exploding child... just a very large one. As for Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves… well, if you shrank her, the “honey” in question is probably already well aware, and there's no need for the titular confession.

11. Piranha 3DD

If you find this title hilarious, then you will probably also like the movie. For everyone else, the frat boy humor provides an ample warning to stay away.

12. Any Air Bud movie

Sports puns! Dog puns! We strongly believe that the punny titles are the only reason Air Bud sequels ever got made. Whether Air Bud: Golden Receiver, Air Bud: Spikes Back, Air Bud: World Pup, or Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch is the worst of these, we leave up to you, dear reader.

13. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

Two titles in the same series promising that it’s the last movie. Neither of them actually the final movie. Why pretend? We know he'll be back.

14. Rocky Balboa

In case you forgot who the Rocky series was about in the 16-year interim between Rocky V and this sequel, the title adds his last name. If there’s a Part VII, we hope it includes his middle name, just for added clarification!

15. Happily N'Ever After 2: Snow White ― Another Bite @ the Apple

It's never a good idea to add more than one colon or dash to a sequel title, even though plenty of them too. This one has a colon, a dash, and an @ symbol? That just hurts our head, soul, and eyes.

16. ID Forever Part One and ID Forever Part Two

Because it makes great sense to call a sequel “Part One.” This is a pair of sequels to Independence Day, believe it or not, currently in the works nearly two decades later. Independence Day Forever? Well... yeah, we have the holiday every year, and no one has proposed getting rid of it. (We would have just called these sequels July 5 and July 6, but hey.)

17. Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust

When even the original movie contains a pun in the title, you know you’re in for something special with the sequels. It's almost not fair to include this on a list of bad sequel titles, given the awful title the series was working with to begin with. But it's just so wretched! Perhaps the 12-year-olds who named the Air Bud series grew up and moved on to titling this porn-grade Gingerdead series instead?

18. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

Only a blonde would use the word "blonde" twice in the same movie title. Way to desecrate the American flag, Elle Woods. Also, white and blonde are pretty close in color, so we're pretty sure this color scheme clashes.

19. Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf

A lot of horror franchises end up just adding random words to the end of their titles after a "2" or "3": Revenge, Sentinel, Awakening, Return, whatever. Howling II was originally called Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch. Then they realized that was a terrible title, and went for the much classier Your Sister Is A Werewolf. Which at least gives us a pretty good idea what it's about, so we can skip it without missing anything.

20. A Good Day To Die Hard

We were okay with Die Hard With A Vengeance and Live Free Or Die Hard, but now these are just getting increasingly random and James Bond-y. Does Die Hard really have to become a father-son act? What is this, Big Momma's House? How long is this going to go on? We look forward to the inevitable capper to the series in another couple decades: Die Hard Of Natural Causes.


What's your pick for the worst sequel title?