Wouldn’t it be cute if young, adorable kids were in all the Oscar nominated movies?

Well, that’s already true of Oscar nominee Beasts of the Southern Wild ― but that didn’t stop Official Comedy from parodying it along with several other nominees in their recurring series featuring angel-faced tykes taking on the dark and very adult material in the Best Picture nominees.

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The Zero Dark Thirty sketch would be infinitely better with a red wig to match Jessica Chastain’s locks, while the Argo one is a little funnier. Kids doing Tarantino is inherently funny (censored out, of course) and Lincoln is livened by a Sally Field-inspired cameo in a “crazy” dress.

The funniest moment comes in the Beasts sketch: “What’s that?” “Pigs!” (You have to have seen the movie to get it.)

We’re hoping the rest of the nominees are on the way in a second video.

Which parody did you think was best?