You would think that since the Grammy Awards is the biggest night in music, people would treat it like the Oscars and show up in their best, most glamorous looks and appear perfectly flawless while accepting the award.

But hell no, that does not happen. It seems every year stars walk the carpet in crazier looks than the person next to them and it’s turned into something we expect –- especially if Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are invited.

Since we do have to wait four more days to see who’s going to look the most outrageous, here are the 10 craziest Grammy looks throughout the years!


Sasha Gravida – 2012

Wait, what? Why is the Terminator at the Grammy Awards? So confused…


Nicki Minaj – 2012

We get that Nicki likes to play different characters in life, but come on, the Pope shouldn’t be one of the them. That role is already taken.


Imogen Heaps – 2007

Mary Poppins, is that you? We're not sure what’s on her head, what’s up with the umbrella, what’s going on with the skirt, or why she chose those shoes but we do know one thing -– she’s gotta be hot with all those layers!

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Annie Lennox – 1995

Annie may have mistaken the Grammys for a Disney dress-up party with this Minnie Mouse-inspired look. If she'd gotten it right, she would have been the hit of the Disney party, but since she didn’t she winds up on this list.


Rihanna – 2011

This looks like someone wrapped Rihanna in tinsel like a Christmas tree and missed some spots. A snowman also pops into our heads every time we see this dress.


Lady Gaga – 2010 & 2011

Obviously Gaga had to appear on the list. We just couldn’t pick which one was more outrageous –- being trapped in an egg or dressing up as a space orbit. It’s a toss-up.


Jennifer Lopez – 2000

This one is more crazy iconic than just plain crazy. Girl had some serious confidence to rock this look.


Cyndi Lauper – 1984

While this look may look like she dressed herself in the dark, you have to remember one thing: it’s Cyndi Lauper. Would you really expect any different?


Madonna – 1999

Oh, 90's Madonna. All about being “different” and throwing in a British accent whenever she felt like it. But at this moment, in 2013, she just looks like a fool in this Geisha-inspired look with a matching Coca-Cola can in her hand.


Traci Bingham – 2001

Traci, honey… you forgot the top part of your outfit. Oh, wait, you didn’t? The bedazzled boobs are on purpose? Well, this is awkward…


Which Grammy look from the past is just way too crazy for you?

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images