One of the best parts of awards season is seeing what each star will wear down the red carpet. Another great part? Actually predicting their look for the final awards show -– the Academy Awards. Also known as the mother of all awards shows, it's where celebrities pull out all the stops to make sure they land on the last ‘Best Dressed’ list of the season!

We’ve already gotten a taste of what we may –- or may not -– expect for the 2013 Oscars, thanks to this year’s Golden Globes and SAG Awards. Now it’s time to cast our votes as to who will wear what (and in what color) for the Oscars!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is a fan of Dior as she’s wore the designer’s gowns for both this year’s Golden Globes and SAG Awards. And while she may have worn navy blue at the SAG, the girl looks great in a bright color such as red. Um, hellooo 2011 Oscars dress!

Prediction: A fitted Dior gown in a bright color, such as red.


Anna Hathaway

Anna has tried black, white and variety of colors on the carpet but one thing’s for sure –- she loves sparkles! And besides her questionable SAG Awards dress this year, most of her looks tend to go down the strapless route.

Prediction: A strapless Armani gown filled with sparkles galore in a bright color, such as red.

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Jessica Chastain

Jessica is pretty new to red carpets, but she might as well be crowned a red carpet risk taker. Whether it’s with outrageous patterns like the black and gold McQueen or the pearl-encrusted white, she’s fearless when it comes to fashion. She’s worn bright colors to both shows this year, so maybe she’ll throw us for loop and go for a black?

Prediction: A black McQueen gown with some sort of crazy detail, such as a dramatic neckline.


Amanda Seyfried

Amanda usually always gets it right on the carpet, especially at this year’s SAG Awards in the navy blue Zac Posen gown. She’s a fan of the lighter colors to match her fair skin tone, but gives that wow-factor with mermaid tail or major ruffles.

Prediction: A neutral-colored Zac Posen (hopefully) with some sort of dramatic bottom.


Amy Adams

Amy has been to her fair share of awards shows and has done almost every color there is. One thing we’ve learned about her though is she loves some ruffles!

Prediction: A dark colored Marchesa with a ruffled bottom.


Bradley Cooper

Spoiler alert: Bradley loves Tom Ford as he’s worn the designer to both shows this year and the 2012 Golden Globes.

Prediction: A black Tom Ford tuxedo.


What star are you most excited to see on the carpet at this year’s Oscars?