Ben Affleck is likely to win an Oscar for Argo this Sunday, but his work wasn’t always so well-received. His very first short film has surfaced online, and it’s called… ready for this?... I Killed my Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meathook, and now I have a Three Picture Deal at Disney.

Seriously. Watch it if you dare.

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The plot is some kind of Hollywood satire, featuring maybe the most annoying lead performance ever captured on film by Jay Lacopo (who shares a co-writing credit ― go figure).

Ben didn’t write the film, so he can’t be hold wholly responsible for how bad it is. But it sure makes Gigli look like Casablanca. That Best Director snub isn’t looking so egregious now, is it?

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Ben has previously called the film “atrocious” and said it “haunts me. I'm not proud of it. It looks like it was made by someone who has no prospects, no promise." You can say that again, Ben! We know everybody's gotta start somewhere, but did you have to start this low?

What do you think of Ben's directorial debut?