Zach Galifianakis is back for another epic episode of Funny Or Die’s “Between Two Ferns” and this time he’s determined to make this year’s Oscar nominees about as comfortable as possible. Spoiler alert: mission accomplished.

In the two part episode, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bradley Cooper and more sit down with Zach to attempt to talk about their Oscar-nominated films. Key word: attempt. Just a warning, video two is NSFW, thanks to Bradley!

In part one, we learn that Jennifer is clearly not a fan of Zach, Naomi talks toilet and Anne is a hardcore alcoholic. Anybody else feel a tad bit uncomfortable with Anne’s part in the sketch?

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Part two, thankfully, doesn’t feature a weirdly-intoxicated Anne but an “average looking redhead in a weird dress” (Jessica Chastain), a penny-hating Sally Field and Bradley Cooper telling Zach how he really feels about those two ferns. Bradley should probably win the Oscar for Best Actor based off this performance alone.

Who was your favorite on Zach’s show?