Barring a role on a sitcom titled Bar-Brawling Klepto Who Can’t Drive, there are few sitcoms more appropriately titled for Lindsay Lohan than 2 Broke Girls, given her much-publicized financial woes. And in a neat twist of irony, Lindsay may very well replenish her squandered fortune by appearing on that very series!

Liz Smith reports that writer and executive producer Michael Patrick King has reached out to LiLo for a guest-starring role on the show, which stars Beth Behr and Kat Dannings as ― yep! ― a couple of females without a whole lot of cashflow. (They’re waitresses in a Brooklyn diner.)

In fact, given Lindsay’s reputation for causing trouble on set, taking a role on 2 Broke Girls may be her only way of avoiding actually taking a job at a Brooklyn diner. Her one-day streak of good behavior on Anger Management ended after, well, one day. “She looked and sounded terrible today,” a source said of her lackluster performance on Day Two. Ouch.

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In bigger news still, King is considering building a whole show around Lindsay based on her real-life persona ― sooo, lots of nighttime scenes, then? ― if everything goes well on 2 Broke Girls. (Which it won’t… based on prior evidence.)

Because if she’s even delaying shows in which she has a small part, isn’t it a great idea to have an entire production built around her?

Lindsay hasn’t responded to the offer yet, though she may as well take it since her film career is about as dismal as can be at the moment. (Scary Movie 5 is unlikely to turn that around.) A sitcom isn't a bad idea... she's already used to everyone laughing at her!

Besides, Michael Patrick King is the creator of Sex & The City, so she’d be in good company if she did end up getting her own show based on her life ― Car Wrecks & The City, perhaps?

Or maybe they should just recast 2 Broke Girls starring Lindsay and Amanda Bynes?

Would you like Lindsay to land her own sitcom?

Or do you think she's not stable enough to handle the responsibility?

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