What would HBO’s Girls be like with more guns and ski masks? We now have the answer.

Two of the buzziest pop culture properties of the moment have now been smooshed together, with Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath joining in on the “fun” (?) of Spring Breakers.

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Certainly, Hannah’s penchant for toplessness and occasional drug use fit right in with Spring Breakers, though we’re not sure she and James Franco's drug dealing criminal Alien would hit it off. Sure, she likes bad boys... well, she likes Adam... but since Hannah finds writing her own memoir cripplingly overwhelming, we're not sure she'd be easily roped into a violent crime spree. (Unless her weapon of choice was a Q-tip.)

Clearly mashing up the angsty self-involved drama of Girls with much darker films is a thing now...

Which dark movie should Girls be mashed up with next?