Good news, people! The Place Beyond The Pines comes out in theaters this weekend, and there all kinds of reasons to go see it. It’s a hard-hitting drama… we think… or a thriller. Or possibly a comedy.

Well, here’s what we do know: it’s a movie!

(At least, we’re reasonably sure it’s a movie.)

The important thing is that it stars Ryan Gosling, along with Bradley Cooper and that dark witch we don’t speak of. In it, Ryan plays a male who goes to a place that is beyond some pine trees... or wants to go to that place, anyway... or possibly was born there. Hell, we don't know what it's about, but it stars Ryan Gosling. And if you need any more incentive than that to check it out, we've collected some pretty persuasive evidence that will you have sprinting to the nearest theater to check this one out…


1. This

2. This

3. Definitely this.

4. Aww! This!

5. Yup, this

6. This precious lil' photo op

7. Oh, and why not this?

8. A little bit of this

9. Yeah, this too...

10. This!!!!!

11. With a side of this


12. Some of this

13. This x 2

14. Okay, this

15. Yeah!! This!!

16. Don't worry, didn't forget this...

17. And maybe some of this...

18. ...And maybe some of this...

19. But mostly THIS

20. And THIS

21. And if you're still not convinced...

last but not least...


Will you check out Ryan's new movie this weekend?