Amanda Bynes has become the person to follow on Twitter!

After saying “adios” to Los Angeles and making the move to New York City, we haven’t heard too much from her (or about her, in the tabloids) compared to what summer 2012 was like. Well, in case you’re wondering what she’s up to, just head to her Twitter to find out she’s crushing on Drake, taking photos of herself in the streets, and looking a tad bit... different... then you may remember. (Correction: she looks way different.)

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With tweets like, “If I’m not following you on twitter, I hate you,” and “You are you who date,” we’re reminded that we actually kinda miss Amanda and her bizarre L.A. antics. But don’t worry, just because she left Tinseltown doesn’t mean that her life has been completely uneventful, even if she isn't aware of it.

For example: the New York Post reports that before she moved out of her former NYC apartment (for threats of eviction), her neighbors say that Amanda had a pretty “open-door” policy. “Her door was left open all the time,” one neighbor said. “And we saw that she put red [light bulbs] in every outlet.” Along with that, she was seen heading down to the lobby “at 2 AM one morning, laughing hysterically for four minutes,” and then “went back to her apartment.”

Tweeting pictures of her brand-new look that consists of long curly hair, caked on makeup and cheek piercings, she also let Us Weekly in a few things for their “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” article, including, “I moved to New York City and I love it! I lost 4 lbs. since I moved here. I’m 121 lbs –- my goal is 100 lbs.” Mind you, she’s 5’8 which makes 100 lbs. not exactly a healthy goal weight.

Amanda’s strange behavior all began last summer when she was involved in numerous car accidents and a DUI arrest, which she hoped President Obama would fix, before having her car impounded. After that, it was locking herself in a dressing room for two hours, taking off her top during a gym class and, of course, numerous Twitter accounts being created and then deleted.

But guys, it’s okay. You know why? She’s rich. “I’m 26, a multi-millionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy,” she told Us Weekly back in November.

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Photos Courtesy of Amanda Bynes' Twitter