Amanda Seyfried can be a lively girl. She’s entertained us on numerous occasions, whether performing popsicle fellatio, putting a Kermit-like spin on Tupac’s raps, or just being totally wasted.

However, none of that spark emerges in The Milk Carton Kids “Honey, Honey” video, in which she stars. (Assuming she was even aware of being filmed here.) We can safely deem “Honey, Honey” the Most Boring Music Video Of All Time, even if it does star a major celebrity.

Seriously. If you’ve ever sat down to watch paint dry and thought, “Man, this is just making my pulse race too fast… I’d better find something to calm myself down,” this is the video for you.

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Make sure not to miss the moment at 1:01 when she brushes her hair back… riveting! Just riveting.

Technically, this might be the most exciting Milk Carton Kids video, since filming one-shot music videos of people driving around and doing nothing is kind of their “thing.” How hip and indie and stuff.

Arguably, Amanda still has more to do here than she did in Les Miserables… but that’s not saying much.

"Honey, Honey" video: moved to tears or bored to tears?