Did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt pull off the greatest secret wedding of all time?

Angelina arrived back in LA after being in the Congo and Rwanda for the past week as part of her ongoing humanitarian work as an UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. She appropriately took off her $250,000 engagement ring while getting her hands dirty in the third world country, but many speculated the gold band on her wedding finger was a sign that she and Brad secretly wed during the trip.

However, she quickly set the record straight while getting into a car at LAX.

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When a TMZ reporter asked her point blank if the gold band was a wedding ring, she flatly replied "no" before getting into the car.

Of course, Brad and Angelina could have been forgiven for wanting to rush their nuptuals. The pair applied for a marriage license at the end of last month, which means they must wed at the end of 90 days. And while their initial plan was reportedly to marry in France directly after the Cannes Film Festival in May, they received a ton of flack when it was revealed their wedding day was about to be a bit too close to that of Jennifer Aniston's.

A spokeswoman for Angelina said that no wedding date has been set at this time.

Do you think Brad and Angelina will ever get married?

Photos courtesy of Splash News and Getty Images