Just so you know, we’re on board with pretty much anything Anna Kendrick has ever said, thought, or done, and her latest Funny or Die video falls right in line with that. In it, she is forced to join the K-pop group F(x), which is made difficult by the fact that Anna doesn’t dance or speak Korean.

But after a Cloud Atlas makeover and a unique new dance move, well… we don’t want to spoil it. Just watch it below!

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Can “America’s sweetheart” become Asia’s sweetheart as well? It’s not easy. Anna goes through a tough time trying to fit in with her new bandmates, including a brief forced rendition of her hit “Cups” from Pitch Perfect.

But the most surprising bit comes at the end in the form of a movie parody. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

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If you’re not following Anna on Twitter yet, get to it! This clip just further confirms that this girl brings the funny on a daily basis!

Did you enjoy seeing Anna strut her K-pop stuff?