SXSW is well underway as the week comes to a close, giving us just enough time to examine all the fashion from the festival.

While most artists at this event tend to be a little "out there" in terms of fashion, there are definitely ways to recreate their rock n' roll style if you're looking to get a little edgy. From combat boots to knee-high socks, we're breaking down five trends from SXSW that you can totally pull off in your everyday street style!

1. Bold Prints

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Bright and fun print dresses become a gals best friend in the springtime, but artists like Caroline Hjelt of Icona Pop show us a different way to wear out-there prints. Although the mixture of elephants and palm trees on her LBD are a bit strange, the prints aren't overdone and the outfit is sexed up a bit with lace sleeves and short hemline. Lesson here: Don't be afraid to wear the weirdest of weird prints, just keep it subtle!

2. Combat Boots

The combat boot trend has been back in style since the fall, and we've been seeing tons of celebs pulling it off. Artist Nicole Jacques does it a little differently by pairing hers with a skirt and crop top. We already know these kicks can work with jeans or any type of crazy printed pants, but this gal proves they can totally work with dressier looks. Although it's doubtful we'll be seeing them on red carpets anytime soon...

3. Statement Sunglasses

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With the festival taking place in sunny Texas, virtually everyone is wearing sunglasses in their SXSW street style, but this year we're seeing shades with a statement! While a lot of artists opt for either colored rims or a distinguishing lens shape, recording artist Charli XCX goes all out with both in her white-rimmed heart-shaped glasses. Her massiv, wedged sneaker-like shoes are another trend making an appearance this year.

4. Knee-High Socks

Okay, so it's hard to think of knee-high socks without remembering the train wreck that was Lea Michele on Season One of Glee, but Sky Ferreira shows us there is totally a way to rock this style with a little bit of an edge! By sexing up the socks with a super short skirt and sheer see-through shirt, the look goes from totally schoolgirl to a little more rock n' roll.

5. Floral Prints

If you're not ready to rock bold prints like Caroline (above) yet, don't worry -- simpler floral prints can still be rock n' roll chic, as Mandy Jacques shows us in her black floral-printed dress. The white belt and strappy brown sandals definitely add some SXSW to her otherwise simple style. Either way, whether it be in dresses, skirts or shorts, one thing that most SXSW looks seems to have in common is a whooooole lotta leg!

Which SXSW trend is your fave?