So many celebrity news stories, so little time! Thanks to a few of our fellow entertainment BFFs, Hollywire has rounded up some of our favorite and most-talked about news stories of the day! Demi Lovato throws some shade at Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus explains where her engagement ring has been and Naya Rivera talks Glee season four changes!

We already know that Spring Breakers is going to be one wild ride in the movie theater and pretty jaw-dropping, but Celebuzz breaks down the 10 that we can really expect to see [Celebuzz]

Apparently Demi Lovato is not fan of celebrities who flaunt their boyfriends to sell a couple albums. Does that sound familiar? During a recent interview, she made a few comments that make us wonder if she was dissing Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez! [Popcrush]

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been fighting rumors that there’s trouble in paradise all week, especially when she was spotted without her ring. Now Miley is explaining where it’s been all along [TheCelebrityCafe]

You may not think that Jay-Z and The Great Gatsby really mesh well together, but apparently it works! Jay has officially signed on to be a part of the film. Find out more! [NextMovie]

Paramore is back and ready to give us fans brand new music! They took the SXSW stage for Warner Sound and even debuted a new single! [Buzznet]

There’s no doubt that season four of Glee has had some major changes and veteran Naya Rivera talks all about, even saying that it feels like a different show [Hypable]

Full House was the perfect family show that had us laughing episode after episode. But let’s not forget the life lessons we learned as well! [Gurl]

Even celebrities are prone to getting a bad tattoo every now and then, like these ones in this photo series! [TheBerry]