It’s gotta be rough being as beautiful as Charlize Theron.

The Prometheus star was recently photographed playing camera shy with the paparazzi after a workout, pulling her hood over head ― and we can’t blame her. Who wants to be photographed leaving the gym?

The problem is that, to the best of our knowledge, every part of Charlize Theron’s body is flawless. So even if we can only see her chin peeking out from under that hood, it’s obvious: that is a famous chin. That is a celebrity chin.

Charlize could learn some tips on hiding from her fellow stars, many of them masters of disguise. Using everything from gas masks to dinner to dog food to keep concealed, usually these celebs just end up drawing way more attention to themselves. But whatever.

Check out our collection of the unique ways celebrities have played hide-and-seek with the paps!

Dinner As Disguise: Emma Roberts

Drink As Disguise: Cameron Diaz

Towel As Disguise: Justin Bieber

Ready For WWIII Disguise: Justin Bieber

Friendly Tiger Disguise: Ke$ha

Repped By William Morris Disguise: Ashley Benson

Safety First Disguise: Keanu Reeves

Shy Eskimo Disguise: Katy Perry

Overprotective Boyfriend Disguise: Vanessa Hudgens

Dog Food As Disguise: Luke Wilson

Paper Bag Disguise: Shia LaBeouf

Plastic Bag Disguise: Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson

Disney Disguise: Britney Spears

Opaque Scarf Disguise: Lindsay Lohan

Laptop Disguise: Khloe Kardashian

Your Own Hair As Disguise: Eva Mendes

Backpack As Disguise: Justin Timberlake

Unflattering Green Jacket Disguise: Jennifer Garner

Denim Disguise: Isla Fisher

Purse As Disguise: Isla Fisher

Wallet As Disguise: Diane Keaton

Baby As Disguise: Beyonce

Going Postal Disguise: Dustin Hoffman

Terrifying Tree Disguise: Dustin Hoffman


Which celebrity disguise is your fave?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet