Wow... someone called on her "Genie in a Bottle" for a makeover, and it totally did the trick! Although she isn't part of the show this season, Christina Aguilera supported her friends at The Voice at a screening for Season 4's first episode on Wednesday night, debuting a totally fresh and sexy new look.

Christina is known for (and proud of) her curves, as well as globbing on pounds of makeup, but she's noticeably slimmed down in her black and white Parker dress while showing off a much more natural face.

What stand out the most, though, are her toned legs, accentuated by a pair of sky-high Christian Louboutins.

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Just to give you a better idea of Christina's big change, the above picture (left) shows her current look compared to what she looked like in November at the American Music Awards (right), just four months ago. While the former The Voice judge says she's taking time off the show to focus on her son and family, it looks like she's also spent a great deal of time focusing on herself, which she probably hasn't had much of a chance to do over the last few years.

Christina is replaced by Shakira on the hit NBC show, who isn't known for making such crazy and dramatic fashion choices, so there's definitely going to be less to talk about when it comes to that aspect of the show this season. Unfortunately, Xtina hasn't revealed yet whether or not she will be returning for Season 5, but she doesn't seem to have any hard feelings towards her replacement. "Shakira seems like a tough girl that can hold her own, especially with these boys!" she told reporters at the event.

Here's to hoping Christina can keep up with her hot new look!

What do you think of Christina's makeover?

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