You probably didn’t know it, but it’s music’s birthday this week!

"Music?" you ask. "But which genre of music? Which artist?"

The answer is simple: all genres! All artists!

Okay, maybe not all of them. That’s an exaggeration. But this last week of March has a curiously high number of birthdays for some seriously legendary musicians, including old pros and newer artists who have made their mark, representing genres across the board. So, in honor of such huge talent, we are declaring this week Music’s Birthday.

Join us in celebrating, won’t you?

Happy birthday, soul!

(Aretha Franklin, March 25)


Happy birthday, ‘70s rock and roll!

(Elton John, March 25)


Happy birthday, Motown!

(Diana Ross, March 26)


Happy birthday, hard rock!

(Steven Tyler, March 26)


Happy birthday, diva R&B!

(Mariah Carey, March 27)


Happy birthday, generic hip-pop!

(Fergie, March 27)


Happy birthday, indie music!

(Kimbra, March 27)


Happy birthday, British pop!

(Jessie J, March 27)


Happy birthday, country music!

(Reba McEntire, March 28)


Happy birthday, quirky dance-pop!

(Lady Gaga, March 28)


Happy birthday, acoustic blues!

(Eric Clapton, March 30)


Happy birthday, French-accented power ballads!

(Celine Dion, March 30)


Happy birthday, weepy adult contemporary coffee house music!

(Norah Jones, March 30)


Happy birthday, dated ‘90s rap and atrocious trend-setting pants!

(M.C. Hammer, March 30)


Happy birthday, classical music!

(Johann Sebastian Bach, March 31)


Happy birthday, music!!


Which musician born this week is your favorite?