In news that is probably not all that surprising, Britney Spears doesn’t have any trouble finding a boyfriend.

Just about two months after quitting her engagement to Jason Trawick (and The X Factor... and blonde hair... basically, a frenzy of quitting things), Britney is stepping out with the new man in her life for all the world to see. After all, celebrities don’t hold hands with just anyone since they know the rumor mill will churn like crazy — so being seen holding hands with a guy is a major deal for paparazzi magnet like Britney.

Unlike past romances Justin Timberlake (pop star extraordinaire), Kevin Federline (dancer), and Jason Trawick (agent), David Lucado seems to just be a normal guy outside the Hollywood scene. As Us reports, he grew up on a farm in Virginia and is into cars. That could be a good thing for a girl like Britney, who had a meltdown from overexposure in the last decade and has seemed uncomfortable being in the public eye ever since.

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In many of her fashion choices and lifestyle, it’s been made clear that what Britney wants most of all is privacy and comfort rather than glamour and attention. She’ll put out an album every now and then, maybe appear as a guest on a random single, and there's always the possibility of a return to The X Factor or some other TV show, but she’s clearly not interested in the hustle and bustle of her teen years.

Of course, Britney is reportedly heading to Vegas for a residency, so it’s possible that she and David will be just a fling... or maybe they’ll try a long-distance thing... or maybe he’ll join her in Vegas! Either way, a residency showcasing past hits seems right in line with the comfort and stability of dating a seemingly down-to-earth guy.

Has Britney finally found a romance that fits for her?

Do you think Britney and David make a cute couple?

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