James Franco and Ashley Benson are back to imitating pop stars in their lip synching music videos! This time around, they’re taking aim at their Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez and we have a feeling she’ll have a better sense of humor about it than Justin Bieber did after their “Boyfriend” parody.

Dressed in a dark wig, Ashley takes on the role of Selena in the "Love You Like a Love Song" video uploaded to James’ Who Say account, while he dresses in drag (one of his favorite things to do) and then as a young boy in a blonde wig. Hm, mocking the Biebs perhaps?

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While it's obvious that Ashley and James love to make their own music videos with extreme close-ups and pink lights, the parody also has Spring Breakers promotion all over it. Opening the video wearing a pink ski mask, James says, “Yo, here’s a song from one of my favorite young singers, my co-star, young Selena Gomez. Remix!”

Selena is probably getting a good laugh out of the video, even if at one point James is a total Justin lookalike. When the two stars first released their Justin parody back in January, the video was taken down quickly after word got out that JB was not happy about it. “People thought that I was being mean, but I was just doing what the girl did in the video. It wasn’t a jab at her,” Ashley told Seventeen about Selena. “But I heard from Justin. He wasn’t happy. Justin is like my little brother since he and my ex are so close. Anytime you go through a breakup, the friends get defensive. But all is well in that area now.”

Talking about her ex, Ashley dated Justin’s best pal Ryan Good but rumors started swirling that she was hooking up with James during and after the Spring Breakers shoot. While the two never confirmed or denied their relationship, they’re definitely “close” friends by the looks of it!

What do you think about James and Ashley’s Selena parody? Hilarious or too far?