When was the last time you paid multiple thousands of dollars for someone’s used gym clothes? Probably never, right?

Well, does this sound a little more appealing when the outfit in question belonged to Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence? Yes? That’s what we thought.

Many films with gorgeous, elaborate costumes are able to sell them off for display. But Silver Linings Playbook doesn’t strike us as that kind of film, considering that the lead character literally wears a trash bag throughout much of the movie.

Apparently, someone disagrees with us. A full-length wool coat went for $4,652, while the tight white pants Jennifer wears in the big dance finale fetched $3,493. (Does someone want to practice slamming their crotch into Bradley Cooper’s face in the privacy of their own home?)

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A teal sports bra and blue top from the dance practice scenes went for $3,175, and a tank top not worn in the film went for quite a bit less at $624, according to Reuters.

Considering how many guys would love to get into Jennifer’s pants, it maybe should be no surprise that these costumes went for such a high price. Hopefully, Jennifer’s used dance workout apparel will be displayed in a museum of some kind, and is not being purchased for, um… personal use. Hey, did anyone check if Harry Styles was bidding on this?

Do you think a fair price was paid for Jennifer's clothes?