Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, with a special guest appearance by the rest of Jennifer Love Hewitt. And naturally, both Jimmy and Jennifer had just one crucial topic to address: her breasts.

Jimmy took a look back at Jennifer’s last appearance on the show, featuring a giant billboard photo of Jennifer Love’s breasts (and only Jennifer Love’s breasts), then stopped to chat about what Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts have been up to more recently, including those rumors that she was looking to insure them for a cool $5 million. (Jennifer’s mouth chimed in briefly to clarify that.)

Catch the latest from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts below!

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Jennifer seemed to be having a good time with Jimmy, not minding at all that the conversation never really strayed from her body. There was a brief cameo from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s arm at the end of the segment when Jimmy asked her to play ball, complete with lots of giggling because it was first time throwing a baseball. (Seriously? Girls can do sports, too?)

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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts played demure under a top that surprisingly showed zero cleavage. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s “hoo-ha” AKA “sweet lady” (her terminology) also stayed out of the limelight during the Kimmel show appearance, presumably so her vajazzled genitals would not hog the spotlight away from her breasts.

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This is hardly the first talk show appearance devoted entirely to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s body. In fact, pretty much every talk show she appears on discusses nothing but her body ― like this one with Ellen DeGeneres about her four Maxim covers, this one with Chelsea Handler about a nightmare that people would try to deflate her boobs, and this one about her ass... and this one

In fact, it's become pretty clear that Jennifer Love Hewitt will never shut about her body, and clearly every talk show host is more than happy to oblige.

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You may remember Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts from film roles such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Heartbreakers, which feature Jennifer Love Hewitt’s other body parts in supporting roles, and TV shows like Party of Five and The Ghost Whisperer. Currently, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts can be found starring in The Client List, which also has a regular recurring role for Jennifer Love Hewitt's arms.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's brain is currently unemployed.

Is Jennifer too obsessed with her body parts, or is it all in good fun?